AVT Honda CBR650F / CB650F Front LED Turn Signal Kit

The AVT Yamaha Font LED turn signal Kit is designed from the ground up to dramatically improve the appearance of your CBR650F / CB650F's front end. The kit includes everything you need to completely replace your stock front turn signals, with LED turn signals!

All AVT products are proudly made in the USA and are designed to be installed easily using OEM electrical plugs. Illustrated installation instructions are included.


  • Compatible with 2014-2018 CBR650F, 2018 CB650F.  
  • Complete Plug-and-Play installation of all electrical connectors, with no cutting or splicing wires. OEM connectors!
  • No drilling, cutting, or otherwise modifying the bodywork of your bike is required.
  • Made in the USA.

Kit Includes:
-LED Turn Signal prewired with OEM connectors
-Adapter plates
-Mounting Bolts/Nuts

-Illustrated installation instructions

 *Please note that LED turn signals do cause a faster turn signal flash rate. If your bike is equipped with daytime running lights as part of the front turn signals, they will not function.


Download Installation Manual: CBR650F_Front_Install_Guide.pdf

Questions? email us at: info@avt-innovations.com



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